Butler's Rangers.

Col. John Butler's Coy.

The colonies have erupted in shameless sedition and rebellion against their rightful SOVEREIGN, and now this black plague has reached our homes on the frontier. Self-absorbed ‘Committees of Publick Safety,’ on orders from that illegal CONGRESS, have beguiled some of your former neighbours, now calling themselves ‘Sons of Liberty,’ to arrest you, imprison your family, and confiscate the livestock, house and property that our forefathers worked hard to establish. Your heinous crime? The recent political strife has prompted these factional leaders to label you a Tory; a friend of the Government. What shall your response be? Will you cower like a dog to their demands, or will you stand as a True-born Englishman and fight for your Liberty, your Constitution and your KING? If so, Major John BUTLER is looking for HEROS to take up arms against America’s enemies. Will you be so brave?

We are a recreated group of Butler's Rangers located primarily in the Niagara regions of Ontario and Western New York. With humility and pride, we recreate the military and social lives of those settlers who put their lives on the line for the constitutional government when it was not popular to do so. We formed the group in 2003 and try to do things authentically while still making this hobby family-friendly. Among our priorities are fun, comaraderie, safety, research and authenticity. This group leads the way among all other Ranger groups in regard to research on the correct uniform for Butler's Rangers.

Painting by Don Troiani. www.historicalimagebank.com/

We are always looking for new members!

So read over this site and especially our recruiting page. Then, if you have questions or would like to join, email us! Our Sergeant, Calvin Arnt, will give you all the assistance that he can. We certainly hope you will JOIN US NOW!

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Butler's Rangers, Col. John Butler's Coy, is part of the Early Canada Association. The ECA is an umbrella organization for legal and insurance purposes, and currently supports two reenacting groups.

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